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Rock Climbing Instruction and Guiding

Spring is here along with warm weather and sunny days. No doubt at this point you have been thinking about a rock climbing course to take your climbing skills outdoors. And what could be better than a day of climbing followed by a swim at the local water hole.

Rock Climbing Instruction

Most experiences run from 01 April to 30 September. Call or E-mail to request the dates you want.

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Rock Climbing Instruction and Guiding

Often overlookd due to nearby destination areas, Vancouver Island is home to granite domes, peaks of ice, overhanging limestone,  and there really is something for everyone. Vancouver island hosts a wide variety of rock including Basalt, Granite, Limestone, Conglomerate, and Sandstone and many small beautiful crags spread throughout the island to choose from.

At Adventure G.I. I have all the knowledge and equipment to get you from the gym to climbing real rock outdoors. If youve ever wanted to try rock climbing, I have a course for you. If youve decided that you want to be abe to build anchors for any situation, I have a course for that too.

Contact Aaron to book your next rock climbing instruction or guiding on Vancouver Island.
Check out all the rock climbing instruction and coaching that Adventure G.I. has to offer.